Born With A Deformed Leg, He Was Going To Be Euthanized. Until They Stepped In And Changed His Fate

Trident, a six-month-old colt, was born on an Amish breeding farm to be raised as a carriage horse. Trident was born with a deformed back leg – the bottom three bones of his foot weren’t there at all and the one above it was not formed correctly. Because of this, he’d be no use to them.

Because of his deformity, they were initially going to euthanize him as soon as he was born. A sister of one of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s caregivers saw him and told them to wait while she called her sister.

At that point, Trident was left in a stall by himself. The staff at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary drove over 12 hours to rescue him. Since then, he’s gotten a new prosthetic, and now he has a much easier time getting around.

He runs and plays and is a very happy horse now! Watch him in the video below:

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