This Cat Not Only Has An Adorable Face, But Wait Until You Hear It Purr! OMG.

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Meet Tribble, a kitten with an adorable face and an equally adorable purr. I can guarantee that your heart will melt the instant you hear its unique sound. But Tribble’s purr isn’t his only unique ability. After his first owner passed away, Tribble ended up in a shelter where he was adopted by family that unfortunately couldn’t treat him right. He was brought to the shelter a second time, and this is where his unique skill of being a dog tester was developed. This cool cat was THE cat that determined if pups were cat-home approved. If a pup was calm around Tribble, that pup was then allowed to be in a home with a cat. Cool, right! Tribble has all the power, lol.

Thankfully Tribble is now his forever home with a loving family that treasure him and his adorable purr.

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