Man Climbs A 110-Foot Tree To Rescue A Cat Who Had Been Stranded There For More Than 2 Days

We all know that cats are very curious animals, and most love to climb, but it’s fascinating to think that this kitty managed to climb a tree that’s 110 feet tall in Hood River, Oregon.

Stranded up so high with no way down, this cat would probably have starved to death up there. He was meowing constantly for help, until one brave man, named Tyler Roth, decided to take it upon himself to rescue the cat.

“When somebody calls you and says ‘you’re my last hope and I think my cat’s gonna die,’ you just kind of move some stuff around and just go take care of it,” Roth told KGW.

The cat, named Fievel, had already been stuck in the tree for more than two days when Roth began his rescue. But getting up a tree that high is anything but easy. Roth used ropes to pull himself all the way to the top until he reached the cat. He had a GoPro strapped to his head, and a backpack with Fievel’s blanket and cat food.

Once Roth got up there, he started talking to the cat, asking him if he’s tired and if he’s ready to come down. Cats can’t talk, but if they could, I bet this cat would say, “Enough with the small talk human, get me down!!”

And that’s just what he did. He grabbed ahold of the kitty and made his way back down the giant tree to safety. This man is a hero! Watch the rescue in the video below:

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