Owners Catch The Dog Using Their Toddler’s Training Toilet Without Having Any Training

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When you bring a new puppy into the home, one of the first things you do is start potty training it. It can be a frustrating experience but at least one pitbull is taking matters into his own hands.

One of the dogs owners describes it in the following way: “I got home from work at 5 a.m. and noticed poop in my son’s training toilet and thought, ‘That’s weird, how did my wife miss this?’ I checked the cameras and this is what I found.”

According to Viral Hog, when they looked at the footage, they found the large dog walking up to the toilet a number of times.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

The canine then backs up to the training toilet, puts its rear legs over the bowl and proceeds to poop.

Photo: Youtube / ViralHog

I’ve heard of teaching an old dog new tricks but it looks like they are capable of teaching a trick or two to themselves as well.

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