This Pup Was Homeless And Living Next To Dangerous Railroad Tracks. Wait Until You See His Transformation!

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This cute little pup, Fin, was homeless and living near a set of railroad tracks when found by a couple of rescuers from Hope For Paws. The two rescuers heard from others that Fin was skittish and decided to approach him with caution. And they were right to do so. Fin was very defensive when they approached him. He even lashed out at them when they tried to touch him. But with a bit of patience and a bit of coaxing, the rescuers were not only able to get close to fin, but they were able to pet him and cuddle him!

And after some well deserved TLC, Fin was a new man… or well, pup! And want to know something that makes Fin story even more amazing! He found a forever home where he was able to become the fun loving and energetic pup he was always meant to be! I just love happy endings! And those scenes at the end… they definitely will put a smile on your face!

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