Tragic Incidents Brought These Two Soulmates Together

Two tragic events brought love into the lives of Maria Williamson and her puppy Bear. In June, while Williamson was waiting at a red light, she was shot in the face. The incident occurred in Mobile, Alabama and resulted in the removal of her right eye. “The bullet went through my nose, and damaged my right eye,” she said. Two months after the shooting, she adopted Bear after her boyfriend showed her the Facebook post about his unfortunate event. At only a month old, Bear was attacked by another dog. As a result of the attack, Bear’s eye popped out of its socket and had to be removed as well. Bear was brought to the Animal Rescue Foundation and that is when they decided to ask for money to help with Bear’s surgery through social media. “I immediately thought, ‘He’s so perfect! I know his struggles and I know what he is going through,’” said Williamson. She immediately adopted him as soon as she saw the post because she couldn’t let him sit in the shelter alone.

Currently, Bear is enjoying the lovely home that Williamson has built for him. He is munching on everything in sight and just being the young life-loving puppy he is meant to be. Both Williamson and Bear are still recovering from their horrific incidents but they have each other. “Like me, he is a survivor,” she said. “We are not victims.”

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