Trader Joe’s Is Releasing A 2019 Cat Advent Calendar

Now that we are in the thick of October, the holiday advent calendars have been released, and there is no shortage of the products that encourage us to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving in order to get to the merriest time of the year. Following in the pattern of various booze, socks, and candy-filled calendars being released over the past few days, Trader Joe’s is now getting felines into the spirit of the holiday season with their Trader Joe’s 2019 cat advent calendar. It contains 25 treats for cats, including a giant fish snack for Christmas Day. It’s the purrfect countdown to the holidays for cats and their owners alike.

Based off the seventeenth episode of the grocery chain’s regular podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s, which came out Sept. 16th, some of the nationwide grocery store’s execs decided to give customers into some of the upcoming products that we can expect in the next few months.

The Vice President of Product Marketing, Matt Sloan, along with the Vice President of Merchandising, Colin Fields, revealed that this year, they wanted to help cat parents and their kitties get into the spirit of Christmas with an all new advent calendar. Last year, the company released a treat-filled offering last year for dogs, and finally this year, cats can get in on the fun as well, and both you and your cats can enjoy the countdown as well.

Fields explained the decision based on customer feedback by saying, “Last year we came out with the dog Advent calendar, which seemed pretty odd until we got out in the stores and there was quite a following for it. And we heard from our feline-loving customers that we should have something for their cats. So we found it, we developed it, and it’s pretty cool.”

Once opened, customers will find 24 “magical treats made of salmon and seaweed” – something cats supposedly love according to Fields – and there will be a giant fish treat that your kitty will be able to sink their teeth into come Christmas Day.

However, Sloan doesn’t recommend actually sharing the treats with your cat, as he sampled them and found out the hard way.

“You know what? That’s not good. But I’m not a cat,” Sloan admitted during the podcast, to which Fields replied, “But if you’re a cat, you’ll really like that.”

There is still no word when the advent calendar will be released in order for you to start stocking up on one or several – depending on how many kitties you’ve been blessed with. But if last year’s November release of the dog advent calendar is anything to go by, then you may want to keep your eyes out next time your in Trader Joe’s around early November.

Mom, Dad, I know you’re reading this…you better buy Felicity and Lilly their advent calendars for Christmas.

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