An Owner And A Dog Sit In A Toy Car… Now Watch What Happens!

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Everyone always remembers the epic car chases and races in movies. Like the crazy car scene from Sin City, the memorable Little Rascals grand prix, and most recently, the insane car chase and battle sequences in Mad Max: Fury Road. All of these are memorable for a variety of reasons, but the best car races are the ones where the underdog takes the crown! Just like what happens here!

These talented canines decided to take on the reigning human contenders in a car race of epic proportions! Will the humans take the gold or will it be the underdogs?? Right off the bat, the dogs try out a different technique of acceleration: Hopping!! Looks like these pups had the right idea because they end up winning the whole thing! Thankfully, a neutral human is waiting to stop them before they keep on rolling down the road! Lol!

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