This Little Boy’s Dog Went Missing And He Was Heartbroken… A Few Weeks Later The Unexpected Happened.

There are few things in life that feel worse than losing your furry best friend. When pets run away, it’s unknown if you will ever see them again, especially if they aren’t micro-chipped. Paula Williams and her son’s dog, Kace, went missing for a month. I can’t even imagine the pain and anxiety they’ve felt throughout those long couple of weeks. But, thankfully, their story has a happy ending.

It turns out that Kace didn’t wander far from home. A family down the street from where they lived in Lubbock, Texas, took him in to care for him until his owners were found. Paula got Kace back and decided to surprise her son. In this touching video, she calls her son over, telling him she has a surprise for him. When he realizes that it’s Kace, he burst into tears. He then hugs him and tells him he has missed him. I can feel my heart melting just watching it! What a wonderful ending. It’s clear that this little boy has an amazing friendship with Kace. I’m so happy that he got his little furry best friend back!

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