This Cat And Dog Have A Touching Moment. But, Did You See The Two Dogs Wrestling In The Background? LOL

When you see two different species of animals interacting with each other, it’s always a touching sight to see. It’s even cuter when it’s a dog and cat getting along! This kitty and her doggy pal share the most precious moment together! The cat is sitting up on a counter while the dog is sitting in front of him. The dog puts his face up to the cat’s and they start nuzzling each other!

You can tell how much love they have for each other and it’s truly heart-warming to watch! The music playing fits perfectly with this touching moment. But the best part is what’s going on in the background. Their two doggy siblings are play-fighting and completely photobombing the cat and dog. Come on, can’t you see they’re trying to have a moment here!

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