Toucan Who Lost His Beak After Teenagers Viciously Attacked Him Finally Gets A New Beginning

This toucan was severely injured after being viciously attacked by a group of teenagers. The attack left the bird without a majority of his beak, which meant the bird could not eat on his own. Without a proper beak, the bird would inevitably die.

With such a bleak future, a team of experts decided to do something about it. Dentists, designers and 3D printing experts worked endlessly to create a 3D beak for the bird. This amazing footage from Animal Planet and The Dodo show just how much the new beak changed the toucan’s life:

The beak is different from normal 3D-printed items. It was designed to allow the bird to accept it as a part of his body. From the video below, it seems like the toucan is loving his new appendage.

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