This Tortoise Lost Her Shell In A Forest Fire. What They Did At The End? WOW.

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This Tortoise, named Freddy, has suffered through some hard times to say the least. She was stuck in a devastating forest fire that left her with burned forelegs and a damaged hull. Luckily, she was found, but unfortunately lost 85 percent of her shell, with the remainder of it falling off in the following months. Aside from being burned and losing her shell, she suffered from pneumonia twice, and had also starved for 45 days before she was found.

Since Freddy lost her shell, Brazilian 3D designer Cicero Moraes wanted to work together with his team to create the world’s first 3D printed hull for her. She is the first turtle to receive a hull replacement surgery. To model the hull, Moraes took pictures of a healthy tortoise and determined the dimensions for Freddy. The surgery was a success and the new shell allowed Freddy full mobility and protection. Since the shell was white and made her stand out, artist Yuri Caldera painted a new design on her shell to make her look like a normal turtle again. Earlier this year, Moraes and his team also built a 3D printed titanium beak for a macaw.

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