Top 7 Dog Travel Safety Tips

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The summer months are still upon us and are ordinarily family-oriented times of travel; a getaway from the everyday mundane. More and more families include their pet canine when vacationing or even for a simple weekend getaway. Statistically, about 25% of all families now travel with their pets, according to the American Pet Products Association.

As the percentage increases, so too should the safety concerns. Here are our top seven dog travel safety tips:

1. It is very important to keep the canine safe if travelling by automobile by utilizing a dog safety harness or safety vests that allows the dog to move about but be strapped in as if wearing a safety belt.

2. To keep the dog comfortable and the automobile clean, there are many varieties and auto blankets available.

3. If travelling for extended hours, stop to feed the dog so that the dog does not feel sick in the car.

4. As far as water goes, there are a variety of dog products out there that allow you to offer the dog water with no muss or fuss. There are doggy water bottles or even collapsible dog bowls available for such purposes.

5. Dogs that are to travel on a plane with the family are also able to do so, but it is very important to check the safety procedures of the airlines. It is also a good idea to follow up to see if there have been any adverse pet travel stories assimilated with your airline of choice. It is better to understand upfront the conditions that your dog will travel in than to have a negative experience with your pet resulting in a statistic.

6. Make certain that no matter where or how you are travelling to do so with your dog’s medical records and proof of vaccines.

7. Also have their license and microchip data available and accessible at all times for safety purposes.

Go ahead and plan for your family vacation and by all means include the dog. It is simply a good idea to plan ahead and to prepare for your destination whether by auto or air. Know all safety concerns for your type of travel and then set your sites on your destination.

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