Top Ten Places to Vacation With Dogs

Everyone loves vacation, right?! If you’re the type of person who just can’t stand the thought of being without your dog while you’re away on vacation, getting some R&R, why not bring him or her along?! There are a ton of fun, pet-friendly destinations around the country and just like you, dogs could use a little time away every once in a while! Here are ten great, dog-friendly places (in no particular order) to consider for your next trip.

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Outer Banks, NC

With miles and miles of pristine sand and surf, you and your dog can get a healthy dose of “beach therapy” in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Many pet-friendly rental homes are available (including plenty of beach-front options!!) year round and there are lots of sights and sniffs to be found up and down the entire 200-mile length stretch of the Outer Banks. Your dog may even get lucky enough to spot one of the beautiful wild horses that reside on these islands (be sure to keep a safe distance, though)!

San Diego, CA

Sun, sand, surf and spectacular views — San Diego has it all. This very dog-friendly town is home to a host of dog parks and beaches and don’t forget to hit the hiking trails with your best friend to get an even better view of this beautiful, seaside town. There’s always something happening in San Diego — grab your dog and get in on the fun!!

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Key West, FL

If you and your pooch are in search of fun, sun and adventure, Key West may be just the place for you! The island is home to a ton dog-friendly lodging and dining facilities and the off-leash beaches will keep your pet entertained all day long. If you’re up for a bit more adventure, hit the water with your furry pal for a kayak or paddleboard tour!

Austin, TX

The town that’s long been known to attract musicians, artists and “weirdos” of all sorts is a great place for dogs, as well! Austin‘s urban and eclectic atmosphere welcomes dogs with wide-open arms, as many of its shopping and eating establishments are dog-friendly. And with a dozen off-leash parks within the city limits, your dog will want to know why you didn’t visit Austin sooner!

Cape May, NJ

America’s oldest seaside resort is beautiful and fun for dogs and humans alike during any time of the year. Enjoy quaint, pet-friendly B&Bs, a host of great dining options and the one-of-a-kind, historic charm that only Cape May can offer. Of course, be sure to take a trip or two to the beach — there’s nothing quite like the feel of sand underneath your feet (and paws!)

Grand Canyon, AZ

While many National Parks are off-limits to dogs, The Grand Canyon‘s South Rim Trail is one beautiful exception. Experience this natural wonder with your pet as you traverse the 13-mile long trail and retire under the stars in one of the pet-friendly campgrounds inside or near the park.

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Chicago, IL

Sure, it’s a big, bustling city, but the Windy City is extremely dog-friendly! It’s repeatedly made “Most Dog-Friendly Cities” lists and makes a great vacation destination for you and your four-legged. From parks to water adventures to shopping and sports, Chigago’s got something for everyone — including the dogs!

Sonoma, CA

For a dog with more refined tastes (and a bit less energy), California’s Sonoma Valley region could be a dream destination. More than 40 wineries in the area allow dogs on their premises (no drinking for them, though!) and many restaurants welcome dogs on their porches or their dining rooms. Hiking trails offer plenty of fresh air, beautiful scenery and exercise, as well.

Gatlinburg, TN

What’s there to do in Gatlinburg, you ask? Plenty! Especially if you and your dog love the outdoors and adventure. Aside from being a part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which offers a few dog-friendly trails, Gatlinburg is also home to a sky lift, which will take you and your pooch to the top of the mountains for breathtaking views of the area. For the less adventurous, the town also boasts lots of dog-friendly shopping and dining destinations.

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Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Beautiful at any time of the year, Martha’s Vineyard offers a plethora of activities and adventures for you and your canine companion. Parks and play areas abound and many eateries are welcoming to dogs. Your well-behaved pooch can also travel on the island’s public transportation, ensuring that you won’t miss one opportunity for fun!

Pet parents, have you ever vacationed with your dog? Where are some of your favorite dog-friendly destinations?

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