Top Male Dog Names Of 2020

When it comes time to name your male dog, there are a number of different options to choose from. We always want the name to be perfect. After all, a dog’s name lasts their whole lifetime!

Whether you have a tough guy on your hands or you have a more cutesy pup, there are some names that seem to be quite popular compared to others.

According to a database produced by, here are 50 of the top male dog names of 2020.

You can check to see if your pet’s name made the list or find the perfect choice for your new four-legged friend!

50 Top Male Dog Names of 2020

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Buddy
5. Rocky
6. Bear
7. Jack
8. Milo
9. Duke
10. Tucker

11. Oliver
12. Bentley
13. Teddy
14. Beau
15. Leo
16. Toby
17. Jax
18. Zeus
19. Winston
20. Blue / Blu
21. Finn
22. Louie
23. Ollie
24. Murphy
25. Gus
26. Moose
27. Jake
28. Loki
29. Dexter
30. Hank
31. Bruno
32. Apollo
33. Buster
34. Thor
35. Bailey
36. Gunnar
37. Lucky
38. Diesel
39. Harley

40. Henry
41. Koda
41. Jackson
43. Riley
44. Ace
45. Oscar
46. Chewy
47. Bandit
48. Baxter
49. Scout
50. Jasper

What Are The Hottest New Male Dog Names?

While those are the top names, there are some new names that are super trendy right now. These names are trending upwards by at least 50 percent and over 50 dogs each have been given these names.

1. Falcon
2. Nipsey
3. Crew
4. Everett
5. Baker
6. Tobin
7. Licorice
8. Omega
9. Tyrone
10. Fuji

Valuable Inspiration

If you’d like to find out more about how real dog owners chose the names of their pets, be sure to take a closer look at the video below. It’ll give you all sorts of “inspo” and make the task of choosing a name even easier.

What’re your favorite dog names?

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