These Are The Top 5 Things Your Dog Looks For In A Toy!

Have you ever wondered why your dog prefers your shoe over the $15.00 stuffed squeaker toy you just bought? What does that shoe have that the squeaker toy doesn’t?! Well, dogs can be pretty picky when it comes to what they like and what they don’t like. There are particular qualities in toys that dogs prefer and believe it or not there are toys that are built to suit those picky preferences! Here’s our Top 5 list of what your dog might look for!

#1- Fido loves something that’s soft and plush!

The luxurious softness and plush feel that your dog can sink their teeth into makes the Kong Cozies a perfect example of a toy that any soft lover would adore. The plushness of the toy makes it a perfect option for chewing and the softness makes it a perfect snuggle buddy when Human isn’t available!

#2- You know champ wants something to CHOMP on.

The durable, long lasting chew of a Nylabone gives your pooch the satisfying, textural chew they they often crave. It’s also made of safe, patented material that has been trusted by pet owners for many years!

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