Top 5 Pet Safety Tips for the 4th of July!

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With the 4th of July just days away, it’s time to start thinking about celebrating! Along with your own planning it is important to consider pet safety while celebrating America’s favorite holiday. Celebrating this great nation is something we all enjoy, and celebrating it with your pet is even better!

Here are the top 5 Pet Safety Tips for the 4th of July:

1) Do not give your pet table food.

As much as your dog many want it, human food can be harmful to him. There are several types of people food that are harmful to pets including (but not limited to) onion, avocado, grapes, raisins, raw or undercooked meat, and chocolate. Additionally, alcohol is a big one to avoid. As refreshing as a cold beer may be for you, it isn’t so much for your pet, and may be toxic to them.

2) Be cautious of your surroundings.

This is good advice for any time, but especially so in a party or barbeque environment. The barbeque itself is a potential hazard to pets, as they are very hot and may use gas to power them. If possible, try and keep your pet away from where the barbeque is situated. If you’re at a party with a pool, make sure your pet isn’t in the pool if he shouldn’t be. If you do swim with your pet, maintain a close eye on him to prevent drowning and exhaustion.

3) Insect control products can harm your pet.

Cintronella or DEET based repellants are irritating and toxic to your pets. The inhalation of these types of products can cause respiratory illnesses, and ingestion can cause harm to your pet’s nervous system.

4) Fireworks and pets don’t mix.

Many pets simply fear fireworks. The bright lights and loud noises may be disorienting and scary for them. Lit fireworks can pose a danger to your pets and result in serious trauma and burns to your pet’s face and paws if they are too close to them. Unlit fireworks can be dangerous as well, as some may contain potentially toxic substances such as arsenic and potassium nitrate.  

5) Keep your dog calm during party environments.

If your dog seems like he is out of his element during your party, he probably is. The environment may incite too much excitement or emotion in your pet. If your dog is not behaving outside, make sure he has a calm place to retreat to indoors. If he stays outside with you, make sure he is properly identified in case he breaks any restraints, and keep him close so you can monitor his behavior.

Pet safety is always important, but on a day with more variable than usual pet safety becomes crucial. By following these tips you will ensure a great holiday for all them members of your family.

We here at FamilyPet want to wish you and your pet(s) a happy, healthy, and SAFE 4th of July.

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