Top 10 most dog-friendly cities 2011

What makes a city dog-friendly? Great parks? Walkability? Number of dog businesses?  Legislation banning puppy mills and dog fighting? All of the above says BellaDOG Magazine, which released its 2011 list of the top 10 most dog-friendly cities in the US. Did your city make the cut?

10.  New York City, New York

There are more than 130 dog parks in New York City!

9.  Madison, Wisconsin

Madison ranks high in both dog parks and dog businesses.

8.  Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona has strict state laws against puppy mills, and very strict laws against dog fighting.  However, it’s not as walkable as other cities.

7.  Orlando, Florida

Orlando is home to many annual dog events. It also ranks high for number of dog parks and dog businesses.

6.  Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is an extremely walkable city, and dog-owners love it here.

5.  Santa Monica, California

Home to many dog parks, Santa Monica also has the highest number of dog businesses per capita.

4.  Portland, Oregon

The City of Roses ranked #1 on BellaDOG’s 2010 top 10 list.  There are 32 dog parks in the city.

3.  Cambridge, Massachusetts

Home to MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, like Boston, is very walkable.  It’s #2 for walkability.

2.  Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Inspections are required in Pennsylvania to prevent puppy mills.  Lancaster has a high number of dog businesses and dog parks.

1.  Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken is top dog!  It’s the most walkable city in the country, according to Walkscore.  There are four dog parks in the “Mile Square City.”  In addition, nearly every restaurant has outdoor seating.  According the to Humane Society, New Jersey ranks #1 for most harsh dog-fighting penalties.

For a full breakdown of each city, see the list on BellaDOG’s site.  What do you think?  Which ones did they forget?  Leave your suggestions in the comments.

[photo via Hertz1888]

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