A Puppy Whose Teeth Were Pulled Out Gets Rescued and Finds a Loving Foster Home

“We recently took in this sweet baby, his name is Toothless. Animal control let us know that this 9-month-old boy had all of his teeth pulled out by someone. We could not say no to taking him in, and he quickly stole all of our hearts,” Royal Animal Refuge posted on their Facebook page recently.

In addition to having almost all of his teeth pulled out except for his two back molars, Toothless was suffering from deadly parvovirus when he arrived. The pit bull puppy was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

Royal Animal Refuge believes that his former owner must have been intending to use Toothless in a dog-fighting ring as bait. The puppy’s teeth were pulled out so that he could not fight back and defend himself.

Many people quickly sent help to Royal Animal Refuge after they appealed on behalf of Toothless, who was still recovering from parvo. The animal shelter was deeply touched by the love and support that everyone has shown.

“We are speechless and overwhelmed by the amount of support we have gotten for our sweet boy, Toothless. We cannot thank you enough for the donations, kind words, and for rallying behind us to save him,” they posted again on FB.

Soon enough, Toothless was discharged from the clinic. And Royal Animal Refuge has even greater news for the puppy’s loving supporters. Toothless has just been adopted, and he is enjoying life at his new and caring home!

Yes, just like the Toothless character in the animated movie How To Train Your Dragon for whom he was named, Toothless the pit bull puppy has triumphed over a lot of heartbreaking ordeals and is now being blessed with life’s sweetest rewards.

Congratulations, Toothless! You deserve the very best out of life!

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