When You Take A Toothbrush To The Belly Of A Tiny Pug Puppy… The CUTEST Thing Happens!

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Personally, I don’t think there are many dog breeds that come close to having as cute of puppies as pugs do. Maybe I’m a bit biased since I have a pug of my own, but the teeny tiny dogs as puppies with their short snouts and big eyes are so adorable I don’t know how everyone doesn’t fall in love immediately!! (I know I do!!)

As adorable as pug puppies are, I’ve never seen anything quite as cute as pug puppies getting their bellies rubbed with toothbrushes!! Who comes up with this stuff?! It’s pure puppy gold! The tiny, little canines sure do seem to love their new belly rubbing tools!! Those teensy paws though?? C’mon!! They couldn’t get any cuter if they tried!!

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