This Dog Survived The Unimaginable. Seeing His Transformation Was Unbelievable!

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Tony was rescued from the streets of India by Animal Aid Unlimited. He was found on the brink of death, with his face split open, and was missing his front leg with bone showing. He had two surgeries to repair his wounds and has made an amazing, miracle recovery. During his recovery, he had a team of adorable little puppies that worked together to make him feel better. They all gather around him, licking him and wagging their tails. You can tell that it definitely helped cheer Tony up!

Now look at Tony a few months later. His wounds are completely heeled and he’s successfully done recovering. Now Tony is back to being a normal dog. Watch him run around with the other dogs. Having three legs doesn’t stop him, he still runs so fast! And he looks SO happy. Thank God for Animal Aid Unlimited, if they didn’t save him, he wouldn’t have survived much longer!

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