There Are Tons Of Videos Out There Of Soldiers Reuniting With Their Pups But Absolutely NOTHING Compares To This. Wow, Just Wow!

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Emma doesn’t think she is anything special. She views herself as an ordinary pup that absolutely loves to see her humans. And after her human dad was deployed overseas, she waited in anticipation as any pup would. When he finally comes home, she rushes to him, happy to be reunited with her daddy once more.

According to her human mom, Emma has had several wheelchairs in the past, but she isn’t a fan of them. And after trying other methods to getting around, Emma prefers her own special form of crawling. Of course she is under vet supervision, and her mom being a volunteer for SNARR Animal Rescue, a rescue that focuses on special needs pups, helps.  Emma is doing great. She is happy and healthy like her siblings.

And like her siblings, she is super excited that her daddy is finally home. Easily, putting the Airman’s fear of her not remembering him to rest.

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