Former Bait Dog Now Feels What It’s Like To Be Loved! When You See Him Start Trusting… OMG.

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Second Chance Rescue in NYC wrote a Facebook post to their followers, trying to find help to save a two-year-old Pit bull’s life. The pup, named Tommy, was scheduled to be euthanized January 13th. He was emaciated, covered in scars and had a large abscess on his neck. It was clear that this dog has had a horrible past and was never shown love. They did not want Tommy to die after such horrible treatment and never having felt what it’s like to be loved and properly cared for. They are unsure of the details of Tommy’s past, but he was found as a stray and it had looked like he was in some kind of fight. The vet said that he was definitely a bait dog for dog fighting.

In order for Tommy to be brought in by Second Chance Rescue, he had to be temporarily fostered from his location in Texas until he could be transferred over. Fortunately, Tommy was saved just in time, thanks to Dallas DogRRR. Now his fosters are giving him the love he never felt and are slowly gaining his trust. Once Tommy is healthy enough, he will be transferred to Second Chance Rescue in New York. Watch the videos below of Tommy with his fosters…learning to trust again, lying on the couch, and going for a walk.

Tommy being much more social with his doggy pals

Tommy being much more social with his doggy pals

Tommy jumping up on the couch:

Tommy learning to trust again:

Tommy going for a walk:

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