This Comedian Walked Into An Animal Shelter. What He Brought With Him Was AMAZING!

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Comedian Tom Mabe and a group of helpers did something amazing for the Kentucky Humane Society. He walked in and said he has some donations to bring it and the staff just assumed it was just simple things like a few bags of food. But little did they know that they were getting a surprise of a lifetime. Mabe set up hidden cameras so that he could film their reactions when he began bringing in thousands of dollars worth of pet food, treats, kitten milk formula, cat litter and beds, and more. The staff was overwhelmed, but the surprise didn’t end there!

Mabe also brought along ten people from A-Plus Pet Grooming who bathed and groomed every single dog in the shelter to help them get adopted quicker. They all look like completely different dogs after being groomed. Some even went from shaking and being so afraid, to being happy and outgoing after their makeovers. Some were so matted and felt so much better after they were groomed. Many even got adopted right away because of it! And one of them went home with Mabe! Not only did the pups get makeovers, but they also got to go outside and eat steak and play with a truckload of tennis balls! Watch the entire event in the video below:

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