This Little Girl Is Holding A Puppy. But When She Kisses Him, I Melted At The Sound She Made!

Dogs are precious gifts to this world, and owning one is a privilege. Sometimes I wonder what we ever did to deserve dogs! I’ve had a dog for as long as I could remember. My parents had a dog before I was even born, so I’ve grown up around them and have owned dogs ever since. I couldn’t imagine my life without them! Raising kids with dogs can be a great idea. It teaches kids compassion and responsibility, and seeing cute babies with adorable pups is one of the most heart-warming sights!

This little girl is lucky enough to have a new puppy of her own. She is holding him in her lap and begins to pet him. Then five seconds in, she gives him a kiss. A few seconds later, the pup reciprocates and starts to lick her. It’s so cute how gentle they are with each other. I bet these two will grow up and be the best of friends!

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