Toddler Comforts Terrified Golden Retriever During A Thunderstorm

Friendships are a two-way street. As much as you want your friends to be there for you, we need to also be willing to be there for them. And this applies to our friendships with our pets, who are more than willing to always have our backs.

One adorable video online has shown that one kid definitely has his furry friend’s back no matter what scariness comes along.

During a thunderstorm, the child’s golden retriever wasn’t coping well with the storm. In fact, he was so terrified that he went to the family’s laundry room to hide.

Like most dogs during a storm, the pup wasn’t sure what to do with all the bizarre noises happening all around. He just wanted somewhere quiet to ride out the storm.

Photo: Twitter/Akkitwts

Seemingly alone, he tried to hunker down in the laundry room. However, that was when the family’s youngest kid realized that something was up. He went search of his friend, only to find him scared.

That is when the child offered the pup some much-needed love and attention. The toddler began to comfort the dog by showering it with a hug and lots of kisses. The toddler’s affections seemed to help the dog calm down a bit and relax.

Photo: Twitter/Akkitwts

The precious gesture was filmed on video, and when the clip was posted to Twitter, it quickly went viral.

There were tons of comments which commended the child’s kindness:

Others were blown away by the tight bond that the dog and toddler obviously share:

Meanwhile, there were more people who felt that the video was exactly what the world needs to see right now:

And we could not agree more. With the current global climate the way it is, it’s just what we need to see. We all need reasons to smile more – and the innate kindness a child shows an animal is definitely something that puts a smile on your face.

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