Toddler And Dog Simultaneously Do A Happy Dance When Their Dad Gets Home

Babies and dogs have a whole lot in common. They both love to play. They both need plenty of attention. And clearly, they both get very, very excited when their daddy gets home!

The baby and dog are standing at the front door waiting for their dad to arrive. As soon as the car is in sight, the baby starts banging on the door and waving hello while the dog excitedly wags his tail. As soon as he pulls into the driveway, both the baby and dog both break out in their rendition of the happy dance, which happens to be hilariously identical. The baby puts both of his hands against the glass while jumping around on each foot. At the same time, the dog is standing in an upright position, with both of his front paws on the glass as well, scratching it like he’s digging his way to China.

For a short moment, the baby and dog stop prancing around and are completely still. They share a glance and then start up all over again with the baby yelling and the dog crying happily. I think it’s safe to say that this baby and dog LOVE their daddy!

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