This Toddler And Her Adorable Dog Bust A Move Out On Their Deck! Did I Say ADORABLE?!

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Dogs are best known for their less than coordinated abilities. Whether it’s sliding around on tile floors or running into glass doors, puppies tend to get themselves into all sorts of hijinks thanks to their struggling coordination skills. But, to be honest, if I had four paws to balance on I don’t think I would be all that coordinated either. However, this pup clearly knows a thing or two about coordination as she busts out some dance moves with her favorite toddler human!

Seriously, this twosome could jiggle and jive all day if allowed!! As soon as the adorable toddler, Charlotte, starts stomping her feet, her favorite canine, Zoe, is ready to stomp her paws and get the dance party going!! Who needs music when you’re having this much fun?? Sign me up for the next dance party with these two!

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