French Bulldog Dresses Up In New Costume Every Day Before Halloween

Halloween is a few days away and most of us are putting last-minute touches on the costumes we’ll be donning at our Zoom parties. We often like to get our pets involved in the spirit of Halloween as well, so we’ll often dress them up on the day.

But there is one French bulldog, the adorable Toad, who’s been preparing all month for the big spooky holiday by dressing up as a different famous character all October long. It’s for his incredibly charming Halloween series.

The Dallas, Texas pup is very serious about his costumes. And in his repertoire, he’s already served us looks such as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Elton John, MC Hammer, Napoleon Dynamite, and Dwight Shrute from The Office.

Hi owner, 30-year-old Amy Herrington, has shared some of her favorite looks of his according to TYLA, which include LaFawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite. The proud dog mom and practicing attorney has shared that Toad’s costumes are all inspired by the silly characters from her favorite films. And she also shared that many of his “costumes” weren’t even bought as dog costumes. Instead, she buys a bunch of kids’ clothes and then turns them into costume outfits for Toad to wear. Quite clever!

TYLA reported that Amy shared Toad entered her life back in February, just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone into lockdown. And the two instantly became coronavirus companions, spending the entirety of their lockdown together.

Like most people stuck inside for months on end, the pair turned to social media as a distraction, with Toad eventually getting set up with his own accounts as well. As Amy stated according to METRO, the duo had their fun doing the whole “TikTok thing” as well as getting into the Instagram game – with Toad getting his very own account.

Amy shared with METRO that while her husband isn’t a big fan of social media, he did help her out when it came to Toad’s rising social media fame – mainly because it was a two-person operation as one person held the camera and another person got Toad’s attention with treats and staging directions. For those who may already follow the pup on social media, there is no need to worry as Amy has no plans to stop taking pictures of the pup. She has already stated that she’s got plenty of other ideas for characters. She’s mulled over such ideas as Willy Nelson and Regina George from Mean Girls, to name a few, and has even considered a character from Lord of the Rings since her husband is a big fan.

And thanks to Amy’s creativity, it seems that Toad’s star is on the rise. This little burgeoning social media influencer already has a following that is more than 18K strong! But as his owner has stated, seeing his Instagram following grow is just fun and games. But given how adorable Toad looks in his various getups, we can only assume it’s just a matter of time before he’s really famous.

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