They Now Make Mini Santa Hats For Smaller Animals And They’re Adorable

Christmas is fast approaching. This year, it is definitely going to be different from all those Christmases before. That’s because we’ve never celebrated under a global pandemic. Countries are all taking their different approaches as to how they’re going to be handling the global crisis.

Of course, this might mean that some people will be unable to travel home because they live in different countries or because they have at-risk family who are sheltering in place at home.
Because of this, holidays this year are going to be quite different. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we have to lose the holiday spirit. Many of us still will be decorating and putting up cheery reminders that, despite all the bad that has happened this year, there is still so much to celebrate – mostly the things that mean the most in life: our health and our loved ones.

And our loved ones aren’t just our fellow humans, this extends to our pets as well. Nothing will lift your holiday spirits quite like seeing your beloved little fur baby decked out in a Santa hat.

Luckily for us, there is an Etsy seller who has dedicated their skills to creating tiny little Santa hats for small critters to wear this holiday season. So, if you happen to be the proud pet parent to small animals such as chickens, rabbits, hedgehogs, cats, iguana, or any other small animal, then you will want to snatch up one of these cute little mini Santa hats for your pet.

The hat, which is created by HandMadeAmErika, has already seen sales of more than 2,000 hats!

Of course, it’s easy to see why they’re selling so well. These little glittering creations are made using card stock. She then adds a fluffy base as well as a fuzzy top to make it look exactly like a Santa hat. There is even an adjustable chin strap so that the hat will stay on your pet’s head, but it won’t hurt your pet since the material for the chin strap is soft enough to not be a bother. The base is no larger than a quarter, so it is bound to fit perfectly on top of any little furry head.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a small animal. HandMadeAmErika will be more than happy to create special orders. Beyond that, she’s begun making some slightly bigger options as well. The cost of one of these little Santa hats is only $9.99 – can’t put a price on adorable memories! HandMadeAmErika wrote in the product description that it’s the “cutest red glitter Santa hat for the smallest members of your family – guaranteed to be the highlight of the party!”

And people definitely couldn’t agree more with her. Many of her reviews are from very satisfied customers who are in love with their purchases. Many have shared that they bought the little Santa hats for their small pets and have absolutely no buyer’s remorse, adding that the pictures came out perfect.

What do you think about these hats? Would you purchase one for your pet? Let us know!

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