This Tiny Persian Kitten Is Looking For The Best Spot To Sleep. You’ll Melt When You See Where She Chose!

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It’s nap time for these adorable tiny Persian kittens and they have the most comfortable soft and fuzzy bed to sleep on! But one kitten, named Gizmo, falls out of the bed when there isn’t nearly enough room for all of the kittens. But it’s okay because she’d rather find a spot with more room, so she goes to search for one!

She walks to her mother, but then decides to keep walking past her. Her mama just licks her and then lets her do her own thing. Gizmo looks all over for a good spot, while her siblings watch from their big purple bed. Wait until you see the spot she chose! She decides that the perfect spot to catch some Z’s is inside a shoe! Just look at that tiny, pudgy little face sticking out of the boot!! She’s too cute for words. Mom comes over to the shoe to give her a visit, and probably to give her approval!

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