This Tiny Feral Kitten Lost His Back Legs. After Being Rescued, He Walks For The First Time With His New Wheels!

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This little, adorable feral kitten lost his back legs when he was born. He survived nine weeks in the forest before being rescued. He had severe injuries, was starving and had an infection, and the fact that he survived this long without help is a miracle! Thankfully, the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital took great care of this adorable kitty, later named Cassidy, and helped him grow healthy again.

Since he was unable to walk, Andrew at made him a tiny wheelchair to get around with. Now he is able to walk and be a normal kitten! Watch him as he takes his first unassisted steps with his new wheels! Look at the little guy go! He is amazing! It’s also very fitting that “Eye Of The Tiger” is playing during the video; this tiny kitten may be small, but he definitely has a heart of a tiger!

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