This Tiny Kitten Loves Belly Rubs And Is One Little Bundle Of Cuteness!

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Are you ready to watch the most adorable thing EVER? I’m not quite sure you can handle the cuteness of this tiny kitten! She may not know much about being a cat yet, but one thing she does know, is that belly rubs is the greatest thing ever! She gets cuddles from her human and she wants more and more, please!

She’s lying on the bed and staring right into the camera and directly into my soul, melting my heart into a puddle! Then her human starts to pet her and she rolls over onto her back to get her belly rubbed. She wriggles around with joy, loving every second of it! When her human stops petting her, she waves all of her tiny paws in the air as if she’s saying “helllooo, more belly rubs, please!!” If this ball of cuteness was mine, I would give her endless cuddles!!

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