Tiny Hamsters Dine Together For Valentine’s Day. When I Saw The Gondola, I Think I Peed!

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It’s on my bucket list to go on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy. Surprisingly enough, these two tiny hamsters beat me to it! Ok, maybe it isn’t in Italy, but it’s still cuter than ever and a must-see! After their gondola ride, they arrive at “Tiny Tony’s Restaurant,” where a table for two is waiting for them.

They sit down at the little table and a waiter brings them tonight’s special: “perciatelli pasta with red quinoa meat balls.” Looks delicious! The chef made it especially for them; it was so tiny that he used tweezers to construct the meal! They pick up the spaghetti with their tiny little fingers and start nibbling away. Then they pick up the meatballs and finish them within seconds. They must be delicious! They even get to listen to romantic accordion music while eating. These two hamsters make an adorable couple!

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