He Spotted A Tiny Kitten Drowning In Rising Flood Water And Risked His Life To Save Him

Marko Männiste was driving down a city road in Estonia during a raging storm when the man noticed something stuck in the rising water. As he got closer, he discovered it was a small kitten struggling to stay afloat as the road quickly flooded. Many cars were driving by ignoring the animal and Männiste knew he couldn’t leave the small cat to drown. Without hesitation, he jumped out of the vehicle and ran across the street to the kitten. He quickly scooped it up and maneuvered his way through the cars and water back to the car. As the flood waters continued to rise, he drove away to safety. The spur-of-the-moment rescue was all caught on camera by a passenger in the vehicle.



Once the kitten was safe and warm, Männiste named the kitten ‘Tilk.’ In English, this name translates to drop, in honor of the kitten’s crazy rescue. LoveMeow reports that Tilk had no trouble finding a loving home and was soon adopted by a young lady who immediately fell in love with the cat.

It is safe to say Tilk will never have to spend another minute in the rain again!

Watch the rescue below:

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