How To Tell If A Blind Person With A Guide Dog Needs Your Help

TikTok has been used for all types of different videos. Many of them are instructional, including the following video on how to help blind people with guide dogs. I think the world was ready for this education.

Jemma Brown is the TikToker from the UK who shared the video. The woman in the video is her mother and the guide dog’s name is Vivvy.

After being posted on TikTok, it was shared on Twitter by Jake Turkle and went viral. Many people were praising the video for how informative it was, as well as saying that it was a heartwarming share.

Jemma talks about one particular way to tell if a blind person needs assistance. They will let go of the handle on the harness of the guide dog if assistance is needed.

She also talks about the role that bystanders can play in assisting the person.

The video was made in response to someone who followed her channel. The question was asked, “How would you approach someone with a cane?”

Jemma’s mom and her guide dog, Vivvy, provide the answer by approaching the camera and coming to the edge of the sidewalk. That is when Jemma answers the question directly, saying: “Easy, the owner lets go of the handle and places it on the dogs back.”

Her mother puts the dogs handle down on the back of the dog and then Jemma approaches, asking if she would like some help. She also says that if they do need help, the bystander should respond by saying: “Cool, would you like to take my arm? I’ll come round the other side round the dog.”

It wasn’t long after the short clip was posted on Twitter that it went viral. Over 1 million views occurred quickly with over 50,000 liking it.

There were also a lot of interesting comments to the video, including:

“Well this is heartwarming. Too many people in the United States probably wouldn’t bother,” commented one user.

“However, now I know the proper time to offer help to this situation!”

“Very informative. Thank you,” said another, “Never want to interfere with someone’s independence, so this helps, without being intrusive.”

“Thank you!” wrote a third, “This is so important! Please share other ways in which we can learn to engage with those that need help.”

You never know what you are going to learn on the Internet!

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