Woman Transforms Her Dog’s Kennel Into A Festive Gingerbread Hideaway

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year. The decorations are so cheery and festive that it’s hard not to get into the spirit of things despite the year that it has been.

Of course, we all love to include our pets in the joy of the holidays. And thankfully, not everything has to cost a lot of money to include them, as some people do a great improvisational job using DIY items at home.

One TikTok video has shown the magic of one regular dog crate being transformed into a gorgeous gingerbread house for dogs. It looks like something straight out of a winter wonderland. The gingerbread doghouse was built for one lucky pup named Stormi.

In the clip, you can see Stormi sit patiently and watch as his holiday hideout gets built using some very simple items. The gingerbread house was erected using Christmas lights, kraft paper, and spray foam. There are also different colored pompoms added to make it look like there are gumdrops on the home. It really is a creative feat of engineering. Kudos to Stormi’s owner!

But perhaps the best part of the video wasn’t just getting to see how such a gingerbread dog house is made, but getting to see a happy Stormi burst out at the end of the clip while wearing a doggie Christmas sweater.

Check out the video below:


What do you think of the gingerbread house? Would you ever make something similar for your pets? Let us know!

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