This Panda Bear Woke Up To A Winter Wonderland, His Reaction Is Going VIRAL.

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The animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. woke up to a winter wonderland after the recent blizzard. Some loved it, some hated it, and some were indifferent about it. But one panda’s experience in the snow went viral and put a smile on all of his faces. He absolutely loved the snow that surrounded him and was in all of his glory in it!

Tian Tian, a 19-year-old panda who was born in China, now lives at the National Zoo. He was very exited about the weather. The 265-pound bear slid slid down a small hill and rolled around in the snow in total bliss, tossing the snow around his face. Giant panda bears have wool fur coats that are nearly four inches thick, keeping them warm in the cold. Tian Tian’s son, Bei Bei, experienced snow for the first time, but didn’t enjoy it as much as his dad did, quickly going back inside. Maybe when he grows up he will love the snow as much as papa panda. Watch Tian Tian play around in the snow in the vide below:

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