Three More Lessons From A Dog Groomer

Last time I shared with you some of the lessons I have learned as I’ve started a new career as a dog groomer. First, any dog can benefit from a professional grooming session. Second, a dog with some basic obedience training is much easier to groom. Here are three more suggestions that I think will help you have a better experience with your own dog groomer.

1) When you go to the groomer, if you have a certain haircut in mind, try to be very specific. Trust me, the groomer won’t mind all the details. It helps us do a better job. A great groomer wants to give the customer exactly what they want. Sometimes people ask for a “puppy cut,” but don’t actually know what that means as far as length and style of the hair. Verify with your groomer about the length you wants on different parts of the body –head, ears, tail, eyebrows, etc. When people say things like “I just want a little trim,” or “I want him really short,” it can be hard for the groomer to determine what you really mean. You can even bring pictures to show them exactly what you want.

2) Have a little faith in your groomer when it comes to adding services or making changes to your groom. We make our suggestions based on what we think is best for your pet, not just to make your groom more expensive. Grooming is a mentally challenging and physically demanding job, but remember we do it because we love the dogs and their owners. If your groomer suggests a special shampoo or a shorter haircut, it’s most likely because they think it will benefit the dog. For example, when I come across a dog that is heavily matted, many clients seem frustrated when I want to shave the dog. They don’t know that I can shave a dog in 30 minutes, but brushing all the mats out will take hours. That’s not me being lazy. That’s me not wanting the poor dog to stand on my table for hours while I have to brush through all the mats.

3) Please consider tipping your groomer. Much like your human hair stylist, it is customary to tip your groomer at least ten percent. Your groomer does a great service for you and your dog, and will very much appreciate you tipping them for taking good care of your baby. But do remember the best compliment to your groomer is to use them again, and refer your friends.

Do you have any questions about dog grooming? Feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I would be happy to answer them.

Ashley Hay is a certified pet-training instructor and dog groomer with over seven years of professional animal caretaking experience. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Dan and two dogs, Hamilton (American Staffordshire Terrier) and Hudson (Pembroke Welsh Corgi).

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