This Tolerant Husky Is Trying To Eat, But His Feline Friend Just Wants To PLAY!

Annoying siblings. We all have them. Whether they’re busy being tattle-tales, keeping you up at night with their loud music, or stealing your stuff, they can really hit a nerve. In this case, the kitty is the annoying sibling but his brother, a husky, is very tolerant! The husky is standing there, trying to eat his food and minding his own business. But his kitten sibling has other things in mind.

He runs up to his doggy pal and grabs onto his leg. The pup just pulls it away and gives him “the look.” The kitten runs away and the husky continues eating. But the kitty is persistent. He wants to play and he won’t stop until he gets his way. He runs back to the dog and keeps pawing and nibbling on his leg. The husky keeps eating and acts like the kitten isn’t even there. Then the kitty goes to the other leg and then his tail. Just be patient little kitty, your brother will play with you when he’s done eating!

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