This Rescue Tale Proves That Miracle Really Do Exist!

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This gorgeous poodle, Suzy, is one very lucky dog. After digging her way out of her yard, she ran into the street where she was, unknowingly,  hit by a car. She became trapped inside the car’s grille and the driver had no idea she was there. He drove for about 11 miles, until he was alerted that something was amiss and discover little Suzy stuck in the grille of his car.

Thankfully, Suzy was saved from the car and taken to a shelter where she waited to be reunited with her humans. But since her microchip was not activated, it took a week and a half until her humans were able to find her, thanks to some local news coverage. But despite the wait, their reunion was sweet and the family is now whole once more. Thank goodness little Suzy is okay and once again with her loving family; she just has to be watched a bit more carefully.

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