This Rescue Mustang Was Afraid Of Everyone. But When She Met This Little Girl…Amazing!

A wild white Mustang was seen running on a California freeway last year and was rescued and brought to the Total Equestrian Experience in Chatsworth after a girl named Ella, and her mom, Jen Fox, adopted her.

Named Dixie for short, the horse was very afraid of humans. When they’d walk up to her stall, she would just stand in the back of it and wouldn’t come up to you. When a trainer tried to ride her, she got very defensive. She was underweight when she first arrived, so they believe she may have been abused.
But the way she felt about Ella was completely different. It was like love at first sight, and their bond was instant. It was like Dixie knew Ella was there for her and was going to take care of her.

At first, she still had a little bit of a temper with Ella, too, but now she is doing much better. They even had their first competition together and won fourth place! Watch more of their story in the video below:

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