This Pit Bull Defies Breed Stereotypes And Does Something AMAZING.

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When we think of police dogs, of course we think of German Shepherds, because they are the most commonly used breed. When many people think of Pit Bulls, they think of adjectives related to aggression and violence. But this is just a bad rap for the breed, and one Pit Bull is defying all stereotypes.

Kiah, a 60-pound Pit bull, is graduating from K9 training school and will become one of just a few Pit bulls to serve as a police dog. She will be a sniffer for the Poughkeepsie (New York) Police Department, detecting drugs and finding missing people. Usually, common K9 breeds cost as much as $15,000 per dog, but Kiah was given to the department at no cost from a shelter. They knew right away that she had something special. Check her out in the video below!

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