This Little Girl Got The Best Present For Her Birthday! Her Reaction… Priceless!

This little six-year-old, Brooklyn,  got a shocking surprise for her birthday… a kitten to call her very own. Her reaction is just as adorable as her new ginger kitten. She honestly couldn’t be happier! And watching this video, I’m stunned at how mature Brooklyn is, especially since she just turned 6.

The second her parents tell her the gift is fragile, she handles with extreme caution and care despite her heightened curiosity. And when she sees her new kitten, she doesn’t immediately make a grab for him. No, instead she gently pets him and asks her parents to help her take him out of the bag, so that she doesn’t injure him. It’s truly beautiful to watch Brooklyn handle her new kitten, which she named Max McTavish, with absolute love and care.

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