This Guilty Lab Asks His Owner For Forgiveness In The Sweetest Way!

I’m not quite sure what this dog did wrong, but he’s feeling very guilty about it!

Ettore the Labrador sits there with the infamous look of guilt on his face, listening to his owner speak to him. He jumps up on him with his two front paws, but buries his face into his owner’s chest. He must be too ashamed to even show his face!

He begins to put both of his paws on his shoulders as if he’s trying to hug him and then gives the sad puppy dog face. I think it’s safe to say that Ettore’s owner forgives him by the way he embraces that hug at the end. I mean…how could you not forgive that adorable mush?!

Source: Guilty dog desperately asks for forgiveness by mrazzi on Rumble

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