This Friendly Platypus Loves To Play And Get Her Belly Rubbed! (Yes, Really!)

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This little platypus at the Healesville Sanctuary is definitely not shy. She’s so friendly and all she wants to do is play with the humans! I’ve never seen a platypus so cute and lovable before. Watching this video makes me want to go play with one now! You just have to watch it and see for yourself!

The guy puts his arm out in the water and the platypus doesn’t even think twice before going up to his arm. She slides right up it, resting her cute little bill on his forearm. She dives back into the water and playfully rolls all around. Then she goes right up to a woman and puts her body up against hers while the guy scratches her tummy. She loves every second of it! The way she goes right up to humans, and trusts them so much, is precious! I love when her little eyes look straight into the camera! They melt my heart!

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