This Chatty Porcupine LOVES Corn On The Cob! At 0:25, I Was On The Floor!!

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A woman who runs Zooniversity, an exotic animal rescue and wildlife education company, adopted Teddy, a North American porcupine, when he was found as an orphaned baby left in a farmer’s barn in Texas. He fully imprinted to humans since he had early interaction with them, so he has done better there than he would in the wild.

What makes this porcupine unique is that he LOVES corn on the cob! He’s also much chattier than other porcupines. His high-pitched vocals and quick noshing on the corn on the cob, make him so much fun to watch! His owner hands him the corn and he grips it in his little hands. She then asks if he can share some of the corn with her and at 0:25 it sounds like he answers with a “no!” The rest of the video he whines while eating the corn, as if he was saying, “back off lady, this corn is all mine!!”

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