How I live with five little poodles

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I have five dogs–all little poodles.  Let me introduce you to my family before we go any further. My brood in order of seniority: Boomer, chocolate poodle, 11lbs, 5 yrs; Jack, black poodle, 6lbs, 4 yrs; Maggie, copper poodle, 7lbs, 3yrs;  Stella, white poodle, 8lbs, 3yrs; and pulling up the rear is Bingo, black poodle, 5lbs, 6 mos. And four of the five are from a local pet rescue organization.

To say I live in bedlam is kind. I never planned on having five dogs running underfoot. Having five dogs running around the house and yard, all less than 15lbs presents me with many opportunities to blog about life with my brood. There are five dogs with different dietary needs. And five dogs with different schedules. As well as five dogs with different personalities and, yes, five dogs that must also love my husband, Bob.

I don’t even remember the last time I had a straight eight hours of sleep, or a vacation that didn’t include at least a couple of the poodles.

My life as a poodle parent began simply as a desire to have a small lap dog. I wanted one like the one I had as a child: a chocolate poodle named Perry, after Perry Mason (figured out my age yet?). My husband Bob relented and off we drove to the country to pick out our perfect “pocket pup.” A short time later my husband’s friend who runs a rescue called and said, “Help, I have a small poodle that needs your assistance.” How do you say no to that? You don’t, and Jack came to live with us. That’s the short story about how we became involved in offering Forever Homes to Jack, Maggie, Stella and now, Bingo.

Dog rescue has become a passion for me. I can only do so much, but each event I attend, each small donation I make, and each blog I write, I am helping those dogs that have been thrown away, abandoned, damaged or just no longer wanted.

As the blog continues, I will be sharing my experience with life and my family of poodles. I hope you will join me and enjoy my experiences of the good, the bad and occasionally the downright ugly. With a houseful of dogs there is also a houseful of lessons, joy, frustration and a fair share of worry and heartbreak. Join me on my journey!

Next time we get together I will be talking about drastic diet changes and some cool info that will help you with your best furry friends. Until then, woof woof.

Jenet Mullins is a retired sales executive from the media industry. As a Poodle Parent she shares her experiences and true life situations as a rescue adopter. Follow her on Twitter.

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