These Two Best Friends Are An Unlikely Match

Tyber is an adorable rescue pooch that was adopted by Kelsey Johnson and her common-law partner Randy. The couple works together as head-trainers at the Wild Things zoo in Dade City, Florida. Thus the scene was set for the makings of one of the strangest yet most heartwarming friendships you’ll ever see.

Tyber is a playful pup filled with energy. An energy that is not easily matched. In a place filled with animals you would think finding a playmate for the pup would be easy, but unfortunately that is not the case. Well, that is until a tiger cub, Thunder, born on one stormy night comes into the picture. Thunder is filled with a similar energy and is just as playful as Tyber. It was obvious to Kelsey that the two of them should be set-up. And after a very cautious first meeting, the two became fast friends.

They enjoy spending hours playing and running around together. Their connection is so strong that just the mere sight of Thunder playing in the pool, enticed Tyber into jumping in right along with him. This doesn’t sound all that daring, but Tyber has apparently been known to be hesitant and almost fearful of water. I guess Thunder solved that.

Unfortunately for the two friends, their time is short. It will only be a few months until Thunder is too big to play with Tyber. At least they will always have that summer.

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