A Therapy Dog Was Stolen From His Home. But Then, A Miracle Allowed THIS To Happen

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Nik Glaser, of Los Angeles, and his therapy dog Kramer, a six-year-old Goldendoodle, are the best of friends. Kramer helps Glaser deal with anxiety and offers emotional support. To him, he isn’t just a dog, but a family member. But his entire world fell apart when Kramer went missing one day.

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Glaser had to go out of town for a few days and had arranged for a friend to take care of Kramer. The friend returned Kramer to Glaser’s apartment on December 17, a few days before Glaser was supposed to return home. Meanwhile, Glaser had house guests over who said they saw the dog when the friend arrived but when they woke up again 30 minutes later, the dog was gone. Glaser didn’t know Kramer was missing until he got home a few days later.


Glaser was devastated and turned to social media for help. He made a Facebook page and made flyers with a $2,000 reward in hopes that someone would bring Kramer forward. With the help of donors, that reward grew to $10,000. Unfortunately Glaser wound up having to move to Seattle for his job. He didn’t want to leave without finding Kramer first, but he had no choice. Even after he moved, he still continued searching for Kramer and never gave up hope.


Two months later, Glaser found out that Kramer had been turned into a South Los Angeles shelter, 40 miles from where he disappeared. Glaser wasted no time and hopped on a plane to LA to be reunited with Kramer. Glaser believes someone may have had him since he looked like he had been groomed since he last saw him. He is still not sure who turned Kramer in to the shelter but wants to get more clarity so he can give them the reward. Now the Facebook page has been dedicated to helping find other dogs. Check it out here.

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